An in’tent’sely unsettling experience!

Leaving the High Moor on a weekend evening I came across a couple of Police Officers talking to a member of the public who had reported a tent still in position which he had seen at least three weeks earlier in the same place! Alarm bells began to ring and despite your brain telling you not to be so stupid, you start thinking the worse!

Having got all the party in my vehicle we hurried over to the location which involved an interesting drive on the open moor in the pitch black and low cloud and an atmosphere straight out of a ‘who dun it’ novel!

Stumbling our way the last few hundred yards to the location gave plenty of time to think of the inevitable sight inside and to make matters worse the gentle kick against the side of the tent met with some resisitance! Could it really contain a body inside?

Hearts pumping, one of the officers gingerly opened the end of the tent hoping that the torch lights would not reveal anything gruesome! The first half of the tent contained yet another tent hastily flung in with loose tent poles and piles of empty food cans and other rubbish (creating a pretty horrible smell) but although a slight easing of the tension ensued there was still something rolled up at the far end which had to be uncovered!

A hugh sigh of relief however rushed over us all as this also turned out to be yet another tent and further bags of rubbish!
Abandoned tent on Dartmoor

We will probably never know the story behind this but a guess would sugggest that a group had decided to spend a few nights on the moor judging by the amount of food that had been taken with them and either the bad weather or something else had spooked them off leaving all their belongings behind. The illegal campfire had not exactly been successful so all in all a pretty unsuccessful stay!

They probably also had no idea of the effects on those that found this several weeks later!!

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