Boardwalk Bash – your help needed!

Back in 2005, over 100 metres of boardwalk was completed to improve access across a section of Pixies Moor on the North side of Cosdon.  Led by a Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) Ranger, the local Sticklepath and Okehampton Conservation Group (StOC) spent several weeks constructing each section of the wooden boardwalk  before joining them all together on site to create a relatively unobtrusive structure, enabling access across this interesting valley mire.

Only small sections were covered in weld mesh in order to give a better grip for walkers during wet weather but at times, following prolonged wet weather, the rest of the boardwalk could become quite slippery. With so many financial constraints on the Authority and greater priorities elsewhere, it was deemed inappropriate to spend any more DNPA money on this project.

However a local group, Paul’s Tuesday Walkers, decided that a more positive approach was needed to solve this problem and set about raising funds along with readers from the Dartmoor News where the story was reported.

Paul's Tuesday Walkers fixing the boardwalks
Incredibly, in a very short time, over £500 was raised enabling the purchase of 24 weld mesh sheets which were then cut in half, giving another 48 lengths to be added to the existing structure.

Not only was money raised but some 14 members of the group turned up on a fairly wet morning to fix these sections in place. The sound of several hammers, as the staples were driven into place, filled the valley and was only broken by the provision of cakes, sandwiches and coffee that led to tools being downed for a while!!

A huge thank you must go to Paul Rendell, his merry band of Tuesday Walkers and to the readers of the Dartmoor News for their financial and/or physical contributions to this project

However it is not too late to be involved! To finish the entire length, a further £300 is required, so if you are interested in helping please contact Paul Rendell

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