Great Year for Pearl Bordered Fritillaries

Hard work in winter and a warm April – great news for pearl bordered fritillaries!

Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Ramshorn © DNPA
Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Ramshorn © DNPA

Counts for the rare and declining pearl-bordered fritillary on Dartmoor have showed record numbers, with some sites having more than 3 times as many individuals as last year. Habitat management work, carried out by DNPA woodlands and conservation staff and volunteers, to improve the habitat during the winter months, as well as a warm and dry April are probably the reason.

Look out for this beautiful dappled orange and black butterfly flitting around on Dartmoor’s south-facing bracken slopes with a violet understorey.

To find out more about this and other butterflies visit the Two Moors Threatened Butterfly Project website. This project is a partnership project based on Dartmoor and Exmoor supported by Dartmoor and Exmoor National Park Authorities, Natural England, and Butterfly Conservation.  The project aims to survey and monitor high brown and marsh fritillary sites and work with landowners to ensure these areas are in the best condition for the future wellbeing of the butterflies.

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