Rangers help in a successful Ten Tors 2011

The Annual Tens Tors Challenge has just taken place on Dartmoor with some 2400 young people tackling either a 35, 45,or 55 mile route.
Another 285 also took part in the Jubilee Challenge which is open to less abled young people on the Saturday.  They finished routes of up to 14 miles either as a team or as individuals. Each were accompanied by an Officer Cadet from Exeter University Officer Training Corps.

Naturally, being such an iconic Dartmoor event the Dartmoor National Park Authority’s Rangers had an important role to play in the weekend?
1. There were Ranger representatives at all of the planning meetings throughout the year to help focus the minds of the event organisers on the wider issues relating to such a large event on Dartmoor
2. Ranger support and advice was available at the Briefing Weekend to help get wider messages across to managers and team leaders
3. On the weekend itself the Rangers had a monitoring role with emphasis on the rare bird breeding areas. Rangers were assigned areas throughout the weekends at various times and with various lengths of walks in to the vantage points. There they could check groups were keeping out of agreed areas and when they weren’t to stop and advise them. Any ‘indiscretions’ by groups will now be fed back to the organisers in due course
4. Rangers also were on hand to make sure that the celebration of 60 years of Dartmoor being designated a National Park was promoted.

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