Dartmoor 60 – what are your favourite Dartmoor ‘moments’?

2011 is the 60th Anniversary of the creation of Dartmoor National Park and to celebrate the National Park Authority is running a photography competition and asking people to submit their favourite Dartmoor ‘moment’.
This could be

    • A favourite view (Haytor rocks at sunrise?)
    • A festival (Widecombe Fair?)
    • A favourite walk (Princetown Railway line?)
    • A favourite moment (seeing Steven Spielberg on the set of War Horse?)
      and everything in-between.

You can either submit your ‘moment’ by replying to this post or by email to yourdartmoor@dartmoor-npa.gov.uk by 30 August 2011.
A judging panel will then select a top ten and ask people to vote for these. The most popular ‘moment’ and a randomly selected voter will each win a prize when the result is announced at the end of October to coincide with the date of National Park status being granted.

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