Wild camping – enjoying the wilderness of Dartmoor!

Dartmoor is hailed as one of the last bastions of wild camping in England (geting away from it all with just a small tent for company) but some people dont seem to follow the advice on the National Park Authority website
“Backpacking and sleeping wild on Dartmoor is tremendous under clear skies. Camping for one or two nights on the open land on Dartmoor is perfectly acceptable provided that you choose your spot sensibly and don’t pitch your tent on farmland, on moorland enclosed by walls, on flood plains or on archaeological sites. Lightweight camping equipment should be used and large family frame tents should NOT be used.”

However, why is it that Bank Holiday’s can make some people think that normal rules don’t seem to apply?

"Wild" Camping at old Meldon Quarry

"Wild" Camping at old Meldon Quarry

A large family group decided to descend on private land near Meldon Old Quarry on the Saturday night bringing with them everything except the kitchen sink! 

Wood was then gathered to make the fire and complete the set up!

They were then somewhat surprised to find a local ranger explaining the error of their ways early on Sunday morning. However, they did reluctantly leave, with all their belongings and rubbish, fairy soon afterwards!!

So please come to Dartmoor to enjoy wild camping or there are plenty of fabulous campsites on and around dartmoor where you can pitch your family tent and all the associated paraphenalia – see dartmoor.co.uk for details

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