Photo Finish – who will win the Capturing Dartmoor competition?

 Photo finish

A particularly difficult task was faced last week by Adrian Oakes (Landscape Photographer)  and Richard Austin, who formed the judging panel for Dartmoor National Park Authority’s online photographic competition, Capturing Dartmoor, in celebration of 60 years since Dartmoor was designated a National Park.

Capturing Dartmoor - The Judges decide!

Capturing Dartmoor - The judges decide!

The theme of the competition, which was launched in April, was to capture the special qualities of Dartmoor – its natural beauty, cultural heritage and wildlife.  Over 400 entries have been received and the quality has been outstanding.

If you would like to have a look at the photos yourself, visit the Dartmoor National Park Authority website and click on About Us to find the link to the Capturing Dartmoor page where you can view all the images on the Gallery.

Winners will be announced shortly via Twitter, a Press Release and via this blog!

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