All in a days (or two) work for a National Park Ranger

Being a Dartmoor National Park Ranger involves doing a lot of things from community work, working with local landowners, to enabling improved access and more besides. Here Ranger Ian Brooker gives a flavour of a couple of events in the last week or so

Plumbing new depths or getting to the bottom of it!

Throwleigh pond Clearance

Throwleigh pond clearance

The annual Throwleigh Village pond clearance led by the local ranger, took place during half term encouraging all age groups to take part in looking after their local environment. Rotting vegetation and a small amount of rubbish was removed and two frogs were found and safely returned to the cleaned pond at the end of the morning’s activities. Tea and coffee was provided by a local resident and judging by the general chatter going on everybody enjoyed the task.

New gate on a footpath near Murchington, Throwleigh

Access improvement near Murchington, Throwleigh

Another one bites the dust, well actually two, to be exact!
As part of our ongoing access improvement two old stiles have been replaced on a footpath near Murchington, Throwleigh with self closing gates following negotiations and support from the landowner.

With the help of a local Voluntary Warden, Roger Paul, the two gates were put in on a couple of mornings and several passers by commented on good work being done. We even got a kiss from two ladies as they were the first to use one of the new gate!

Having achieved the task in record time it was humorous to say the least to see the local Ranger get his landrover stuck in the field much to the great delight of a local farmer who came to the rescue. The Ranger was heard to be muttering something about tyres as he left the scene! 

Ranger Land Rover awaiting rescue

Its the tyres....!

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