Keeping Warm this Christmas…how not to cut a tree!

 Busy Beavers, strong winds or just mindless vandalism?

Mindless vandalism at Meldon

Mindless vandalism at Meldon?

Having left everything peaceful on Sunday night, it was somewhat surprising to find a semi-mature ash tree lying on the ground at Meldon Reservoir car park the very next morning.

Could it be that beavers have arrived in this neck of the woods, or had strong winds been at work? No none of these, it was a case of mindless vandalism by people with a chainsaw who had decided to fell this lovely tree probably with the intent of stealing the wood at a later date.

There are other ways to keep warm this Christmas but felling mature trees that don’t belong to you is not the way…and unlikely to provide warmth for another year or two anyway!

However, judging by the very amateurish felling cut it is highly likely that they scared themselves as it looks like the ash ‘bit’ back as it fell from its trunk. Whilst no one was found under the foliage, tree felling should be left to the professionals and then only where it has been authorised.

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