Light – Camera – Action

Well Dartmoor has spent all of January being feted by the media and hogging the limelight as it appeared on the big screen (Warhorse!!), the small screen (Sherlock, 3 Hungry Boys, Escape to the Country etc) and over the radio waves (Chris Evans and Simon Mayo) so not to be outdone February has brought us the stunning light and weather that so enamoured Mr Spielberg and his crew.

Sheep grazing - Smallacombe Rocks

Sheep grazing - Smallacombe Rocks

Crisp, frosty mornings capture the Moor perfectly. Winter’s sunrises and sunsets are particularly special and whether it is looking over the Moor, seeing the sun as it rises or sets over a tor or watching as it lights up the world down below it is a wonderful time to be on Dartmoor.

So it is no wonder then so many people (amateur and professional camerapeople, walkers and visitors alike) are up early to make sure they catch it at its best. If you cant quite raise yourself from out under a warm duvet then make sure you visit the exhibition gallery at the High Moorland Visitor Centre, Princetown as the next three exhibitions are
Celebrating National Parks (until 04 March)
An exhibition by photographer Adam Burton of stunning photographs of Dartmoor and the other UK National Parks.
Dark Skies  (10 March – 16 May 2012)
An exhibition of night sky timelapses, light painting and dusk to dawn images.
Winning Landscapes (18 May – 12 September 2012)
An exhibition showcasing War Horse film locations and including Capturing Dartmoor photography competition entries from 2011.

Obviously it is not only us humans who have to make allowances for when the weather is crisper on the moor, as the livestock will very often spend more time on or near roads which are warmer and also have a generous layer of delicious salt on them! It makes for some fantastic shots with stunning backgrounds but it does mean a word of caution. Please make sure that your action this winter is to take care when driving due to ice and remembering that it is very likely that sheep, ponies or cattle are going to be round the next corner.
If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision with livestock you must ensure that you report it via the Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society and/or the Police.

For a range of stunning Dartmoor images, check out the gallery for the Capture Dartmoor competition here or if you would like to submit something to the Visit Dartmoor flickr page

If you would like further information on Dartmoor please see the National Park website or for details on things to do and places to stay see the Visit Dartmoor website

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