Kelly College cadets – helping Rangers on Dartmoor

Kelly College CCF (Combined Cadet Force) is a regular group who come out and help National Park Rangers on the Western side of Dartmoor. As I have only been on this side of the Moor for the last 12 months it has been good to have the support of a group to help with some of the bigger tasks that have needed to be completed.

Over the past eight months, they have helped me complete a number of tasks on footpaths and bridleways in Mary Tavy and Peter Tavy. They have completed digging out 40 metres of drain below Burntown Farm; repaired a hole in the disused Mine Leat on Kingsett Down; transported 8 tons of stone with wheelbarrows and then spread it on a drift lane below Lower Godsworthy Farm; and for their latest task have spread a further 2 tons of surface stone on Route 27, the bridleway running between the Peter Tavy Inn and the River Tavy.

The surface work was completed with the help of  Edward and Tim Dodd, and Colin Abel, farmers at Chubb Farm and Lower Godsworthy Farms respectively, as they were able to prepare the sites initially for the group to come in.

Its been great working with this group. They are full of energy, are happy and keen to get on with it, and despite having a limited amount of time on each visit, are flexible in their approach which helps to complete each task.

Kelly College cadets having  just had a walk up to Baggator.

Kelly College cadets after a walk up to Baggator

Thanks with all your help to date, Ranger Rob Taylor, Sector G

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