Restoring Footpaths – volunteer help required

Longtimber Wood footpath

Longtimber Wood footpath

Dartmoor National Park Rangers Ella Briens and Rob Taylor have planned a number of work parties to restore sections of the footpath that runs through Longtimber wood, and out along the Erme valley, below Wilkies Moor, Ivybridge.   These pictures show us with long term volunteer warden Brian Poole helping move some ‘pieces of granite’ that were used to construct a small clapper style bridge over the first section of the wettest part of the path.  We were pleased with the results and also managed to modify a stile to make it more dog friendly (adding a dog gate – thanks Andrea and Brian!), remove a large limb of a tree that was hanging over the path (thanks Rob!), and put up some new signs – all before the weather turned torrential!

Moving granite for Longtimber footpath

Moving granite for Longtimber footpath

Creating a better crossing!

Creating a better crossing!

The next part of the route restoration involves moving some small boulders to form foundations for what will become a growan topped path through the muddiest section.  The local quarry company Sibelco have kindly given us the stone (granite) which was shifted for us by a local contractor.  All of the works have had to get prior approval from the Environment Agency (EA) as the path runs right next to the river – the EA offered to help out (despite the mud) but unfortunately could not make it in the end due to all of the flooding elsewhere keeping them busy!!!

There will be future opportunities to volunteer  here in the summer – dates will be advertised on our website volunteering pages.  Give us a call if you don’t mind mud (don’t say I did not warn you!).  Thank you Brian for all of your continuing hard work and effort….until the next time.

Ella Briens, Ranger for Sector C

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