A job that is worth sitting down on!

A farmer and contractor, Kevin Hillborne, agreed a couple of months ago to donate an English Oak trunk to Mary Tavy school to make some benches. The benches were to go up at the school playing fields, to facilitate a small reading area, as well as being a place for parents to sit whilst watching the children during their annual sports day and other activities.  Anton Coaker, Sherberton Farm, had agreed to cut the trunk into  benches with his sawmill, and a couple of local people and a  Voluntary Warden had agreed to help put the benches in place.

The oak being hoisted in at the sawmill
The oak being hoisted in at the sawmill
The oak being made into benches

The oak being made into benches

After taking the trunk to Sherberton Farm on Tuesday 15th May, where Anton’s colleague Barry sawed the planks up, I took them over to the school playing fields where Dave “the Artist” Woodhouse and his friend Steve “all the way from Cornwall” Little, helped John Banks (VW) and I placed them on logs the following morning. They were chainsawed down to the decent heartwood by Dave and run over along the edges with a sander. When the sander battery failed, the Artist dug out the “Adze” from the boot of the car to finish the job off. The seats were bolted down, with a piece of dowel inserted on top of the bolts to give an entire wood finish.

Mary Tavy Benches in situ

Benches in situ

The finished articles look beautiful in the field corners. It was a pleasure doing the work to make these benches alongside generous and talented individuals, giving their time and skills for free.

Thanks particularly go to Kevin Hillborne for donating the wood, and Roy Turner for helping  load the wood. Anton Coaker and Barry from Sherberton Farm, for generously giving time and the specialist sawing machinery to make the benches. Also Dave Woodhouse, Steve Little and John Banks  who gave half a day to work the wood and mount them onto the logs to complete the benches

Mary Tavy Benches - the finished product

Mary Tavy Benches – Proper Job!

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