Digging Dartmoor – an update

Following the earlier blog about the excavation work at North Hall Manor in Widecombe, here is an update and a reminder that you can see the site for yourself during the FREE open day on Saturday 21st

The excavation at North Hall is progressing very well. Despite some very wet weather, the volunteers have been digging enthusiastically and have been enjoying the archaeological experience!

The wet weather and waterlogged ground have meant we have had to abandon excavation in one field. Here we hoped to investigate a feature of possible prehistoric origin. We are therefore concentrating on the southern site which is turning out to be former building. We have found evidence for robbed out walls and demolition material along with a quantity of medieval pottery. At present it is unclear if this is the actual site of the manor house or an associated building. The dig is carrying on for another two days so there is still lots of time for more discoveries.

The public have a chance to view the excavation for themselves this Saturday (21st July) as we are holding an Open Day. There will be a living history demonstration by the group “Dumnonika”, a finds surgery, a chance for children to make pottery and build a mini longhouse, a geophysical demonstration and displays about North Hall and the local archaeology. The open day runs from 10.30am to 4.30pm and there is amble parking in the village.

Finally a very big thank you must go to all the volunteers who have been working on site this week. Your hard work in some often very soggy conditions is greatly appreciated!!

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