A Ghoulish Halloween at Burrator

October 31st 2012

Ranger Ralph Halloween Evening - 2012

Ghoulish Haunted House at Burrator


Wow what a fantastic night!– probably our best Halloween event ever!  A massive thank you to the South West Lakes Trust  – Neil Reeves and his volunteers who joined forces with us to produce a partnership event for our Ranger Ralph club members and South West Lakes Trust invitees. A wild evening of wicked entertainment despite the worst Dartmoor weather! 



Ranger Ralph Halloween Evening - 2012

Haunted House prepared for games

Around 65 people attended (in some crazy attire), meeting at Burrator reservoir for a short, dark, wet walk through Wembley Walk (the old fernery – lit by pumpkin lanterns!) to discover treats guarded by our resident ghost!!!  Next we used the opportunity to  move undercover and take ‘refuge’ in a haunted house (the lodge) which was decked out with gory details including bubbling cauldrons, spider webs and candle-light, not to mention all too realistic sound effects like screeches, creaking doors, cackling witches and howling wind – not sure which were real or staged!!!. 

Ranger Ralph Halloween Evening - 2012

Ghoulish entrance at Burrator

Everyone had the chance to carve lanterns (melons not pumpkins – so that carvings could be eaten!), play the ‘Halloween dare’, apple bob, make decorations, listen to Dartmoor Legends, learn about Halloween history and the haunted house and generally have fun (and hopefully not get too scared!!! – I don’t think we lost anyone).  The lodge made a perfect venue and kept everyone dry!  The evening ended with delicious cakes and refreshments (big thank you to the National Park Authority member, Helen Jenny). 

A brilliant Ranger Ralph event  in partnership with South West Lakes Trust and a big thank you again to all those that helped out, especially with decor, costumes, face painting, running games, telling stories and cooking.   

Watch out for next time –

Ranger Ralph Halloween Evening - 2012

Eerie Ella and Noisy Neil

Wicked Witches (really Sector Rangers by day!) Eerie Ella and Spooky Serina…

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