Teign Valley Woodlands – update on access

The five year permissive access agreement between the owners of the Teign Valley Woodlands and Dartmoor National Park Authority ended in March 2013.  The present owners of the woodlands have indicated that they do not wish to enter into a new access agreement at this time as the woodlands are for sale.

Teign Valley Woodlands SignAs the agreement has now ended, the Authority arranged with the owners to remove permissive path signage and other infrastructure related to the access agreement. The Authority would hope that it will be able to enter into a new access agreement with the new owner(s) in due course.

The Authority will be posting explanatory notices at access points in due course.  The ending of the access agreement does not affect existing public rights of way.

Please remember that there is the freedom to roam across 47,000 hectares of unenclosed common land and open country and in addition, there are over 450 miles (730 km) of public rights of way for you to explore and enjoy within the national park.

For further information on access please see the National Park Authority’s website pages on ‘Access to the Countryside’

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