New development in Ashburton – talking with the community

A brief moment to breathe on Friday afternoon and share our busy week down at Ashburton!

In May the National Park Authority, working with Teignbridge District Council appointed BDP to take forward a Masterplan for the Chuley Road site on the edge of Ashburton town centre.

The site at Chuley Road has been identified in the local plan for Dartmoor; the opportunity has arisen to redevelop this site for a mix of employment uses, housing, car parking and open space, as some of the major landowners wish to move on from the site. Keen to take a strategic approach and make the most of what could be a great opportunity to improve the area, we are looking for a masterplan to be prepared before planning applications come forward on the site.

On Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th June we held two sessions in Ashburton Town Hall to2013-06-07_HASTOE_Ashburton_Masterplan_Consultation(1) discuss what people might like to see happen with the site, as well as having an opportunity to flag up issues and priorities for the community. At the same time we had an exhibition from Hastoe Housing (thank you for the photo – we forgot!) who were talking to local people about an upcoming scheme at the other end of the town – an affordable housing development at Longstone Cross.  This site is also identified in the local plan and Hastoe has money from the Homes and Communities Agency to build some of these – which is great news for Ashburton.

Both sessions were really well attended, many people took the opportunity to make a 30 minute appointment to meet with Becky or Tom from BDP and talk through the issues for the Chuley Road site, this included landowners, local business owners and residents. We were there to answer questions and hopefully help the large number of people who dropped in to find out what it is all about. Stuart Barker (Devon County/Teignbridge/Dartmoor Member), Philip Vogel (Teignbridge/Dartmoor Member) and John Nutley (Dartmoor Member/Mayor of Ashburton) also gave a lot of their time on the Wednesday to hear the views of local people.

The site at Longstone Cross will be the first to come forward, with an application for affordable housing on the site later in the summer.  We’re just at the beginning of the process for Chuley Road, though.  There will be plenty of opportunities for local people to get involved – check the web page (, or follow progress on Facebook  The masterplan process will continue through 2013, and hopefully into 2014 we may start to see some change on site as planning applications come forward.

A big thank you to the people of Ashburton for embracing this so positively – hopefully we’ll be able to work together over the next few months to shape some positive development in the town for the benefit of the community.

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