Progress on the Ashburton Masterplan

Further to the June blog here’s a quick update on progress on the Ashburton Masterplan.

As a reminder – in April 2013 Dartmoor National Park Authority, working with Teignbridge District Council commissioned BDP to develop a masterplan for the Chuley Road site in Ashburton.

The masterplan will provide a strategy to guide the regeneration of the site at Chuley Road to deliver benefits for the community such as new housing, businesses, improved access and parking, and a better quality environment. In June we held a Stakeholder Surgery event, inviting the local community to provide their opinions on the issues and hopes for the future of the Chuley Road site. Since then BDP have been hard at work on analysing the messages from the community, conducting further research and studies, and developing their ideas. A summary of the key messages from the consultation can be downloaded from and you can also join the online debate on Facebook.

Cllr. Phillip Vogel (Teignbridge District Council and Dartmoor National Park Authority member) says:
“The Ashburton community has embraced the masterplan as a positive step in the right direction for the Chuley Road site. Those that have already been involved have given strong opinions and interesting thoughts on the role of the site and on the contribution it can make in future to strengthening Ashburton as a great place to live, work and visit. It is good to have the National Park Authority, Teignbridge District Council and Ashburton Town Council working in partnership on this project.
We are delighted with the level of interest and willingness of the community to be involved in the process so far and we hope that this continues. It is vital that the masterplan reflects the needs and hopes of the community and this is a unique opportunity to make sure this is achieved. The National Park Authority is keen to promote this active approach to community engagement. We urge everyone to contact BDP and get involved in some way in developing the ideas by either making comments on the Facebook community page or joining the People’s Panel.”

So here’s the important bit – BDP are now inviting the community to hear and comment on their initial ideas at a People’s Panel workshop, which will be held on 24th July 2013 from 3pm to 6pm in St Lawrence Chapel, St Lawrence Lane. The team will present the ideas and participants will be invited to discuss and provide feedback. The People’s Panel is essential to developing a realistic masterplan that is supported by the community, and it is hoped the panel can remain involved in implementing the proposals once the final masterplan is complete.

If you would like to see the ideas and have your say, please contact Tom Rudd by emailing or by calling 020 7812 8262.

There will be further opportunities to get involved throughout the summer, including a formal consultation period on the draft plan before the final plan is published towards the end of the year.

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